Guys often think that women overthink their clothes for a photo session, but what you wear can make a big difference in the experience you will have during your photoshoot and the appeal of the final outcome.

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Color-coordinate the family or a couple.   Everyone wearing white shirts and blue jeans can work for some occasions, but is not necessary. As long as everyone is wearing same color combinations, or complimentary colors, it will look good in the end.
  •  Style-coordinate the family or a couple.  If one of you is wearing a cocktail dress and the other is wearing jeans, it probably will look awkward. Wear a similar style, as well as dress up level.
  • Stand out, but not clash or coordinate with the colors of your setting. If your setting is golden fall colors, it would be best to wear other warm colors, rather than hot pink or purple. 
  • Style versus functionality at your decided photo session location. If your photo session requires climbing somewhere or walking through deep snow, wear shoes that a practical and for the ladies, make sure if you wear a skirt that it allows you movement.

Family Portrait
family portrait