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Hawksbill sea turtle
Nassau grouper and diver
Eagle ray digging sand
Bull elk bugling at his haram in Rocky Mountain National Park with fall colors
Landscape in Rocky Mountain National Park
Bison in Wyoming
Two Bull elk locking antlers
Mother moose and offspring in the river
Dead tree in foreground of a landscape
Baby moose
Glistening river and golden leaves landscape
Female moose in the river
Bull elk yodeling
School of jack fish
Diver seen though an opening in a ship wreck
full out sea anemone and 2 orange anemone fish
Nassau grouper
Soft corral - orange
Giant manta
eagle ray
hawksbill sea turtel eating
star fish
banded coral shrimp
bubble coral
2 moray eels and one small eel in a whole
Gorgonian sea fan
Southern Sting ray in sand, only eyes showing
Ethnically dressed man picking fruit in jungle, Bali
Macaque monkey and baby in Bali
Ritual Borong dance in Bali
A woman preparing an offering in Bali
Farmer working flooded rice field in Bali
Buddhist temple and waterfall in Bali
Macaque monkey on the street, holding a piece of fruit and looking up at the camera soulfully, in Bali
Two motorcycle riders on the beach at sunset in Bali
Diver blowing bubbles and looking up at a giant manta
spotted moray eel
Side view of a speeding giant manta
Toad fish peeing through coral
zebra shark taking off and 2 divers
juvenile giant manta ray dancing with diver
Desert landscape
desert flowers
dirt biker in desert panning photo showing movement
flowering cactus
crab in tube coral
school of fish
clown fish and anemone
hawksbill sea turtle looking up
eagle ray
yellow sting ray
late fall bare tree dark landscape with stormy clouds
two tree trunks with projecting roots and green moss -- look like dinosaur feet
mountain stream
Sabaday falls pool
Nubble lighthouse in Maine with crashing waves.
Little Cayman Iguana on the boardwalk in front of dive shop with colorful tanks
Gorgonian sea fan
yellow sting ray
Sunny seascape under water
Deep see tubular coral
Seascape with yellow snappers
Schools of yellow fish
Bloody Bay Wall with yellow tubular coral in the foreground and the wall in a diver in distance
Yellow tubular coral that look like a hand
Hawksbill sea turtle in deep blue swimming towards camera
Stingray kicking up a sand
Gun of a shipwreck
two french angelfish
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My work embodies a broad range of subjects and has been published in the InSight: Rivier Academic Journal (Spring 2014 IssueSpring 2015 IssueFall 2017 Issue, Fall 2020 Issue)


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