Unless you have a photographic memory

and have the magical powers to be in every place at every moment, your wedding can fly by very quickly in an emotional whirlwind of the excitement of the day.  Other than just trying to relive these special moments, filling in the gaps from reconstructed memories of friends and relatives, you will go back to your photo albums which you will get sometime down the road. You want those photos to be the best they can be. A great album is one that tells a story. What better story to tell than of a beautiful outdoor wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, then why not capture in your photos the reason you are choosing to have that wedding away from home. Let’s be honest, with a few exceptions, most hotel ballrooms look very similar, and unless a particular church holds a sentimental meaning to you, it can’t measure up to the flattering glow of natural light or the vibrant colors of the great outdoors . If you are booking a destination wedding, why not do the ceremony (and maybe even the reception) outside. 

Big sky mountain view
Family of three looking down at river in fall
Wild flowers

The obvious advantage of an outdoor wedding is that you get to have the stunning backdrops of the landscapes you wanted when you chose the location in the first place. In Vail, Colorado, imagine all the snowy mountain peaks and blue skies in the winter and early spring, or the golden leaves of Aspens in September or lilac, red, yellow and orange hues of Colorado’s many wildflowers in late spring and early summer. Your photos will look stunning and stand out in this landscape’s saturated colors and great light. Another advantage is for dog lovers. You can bring your dog and have him be the ring bearer in the ceremony. There are plenty of hotels which allow pets. Just make sure you check before booking. Lastly, if you make the whole experience out of doors, you may even save a buck.

View of mountain and blue sky
ring barere Saint Barnard Dog
wild flowers and a bench

Go ahead, don’t be nervous and make your wedding day as beautiful as it can be. No one can compete with mother nature, especially in the Colorado Rockies. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for your day to go without a hitch. In many traditions, rain is considered good luck for the bride and groom, but unless you want to trash that dress, you may want to have a contingency plan in the form of a tent.  There are also a couple of things to take care of when it comes to your pet. If you plan on holding the reception out of doors, too, arrange for someone to keep an eye on your canine ring bearer, and if your reception is indoors, make sure he is taken care of, by making arrangements for someone to take him to the hotel and take him out once or twice throughout the time period. If you don’t live in driving distance to your destination wedding, check with the airlines about bringing your dog. For example, if you fly into Denver for a Vail wedding, you would not be able to fly with your furry friend during the warm months, unless he is small enough to go in the cabin with you. The airport has an embargo from June to September for your pet’s safety. Finally, to give your photographer the best chance at capturing the most naturally stunning images of you and the wedding party, if possible, avoid holding the ceremony at dead noon without any cover. Mid-day light is bright, but it is very harsh without trees, a gazebo or a canopy to defuse it. 

Mountain view with wild flowers and blue sky
Two brides with officiant on a woodland dais
Two brides in the woods looking at camera