September 16, 2014 could not have been a more perfect day in Vail, Colorado,

especially for Ruth and Daniela who were surrounded by friends to witness their joining in a beautiful civil union ceremony. Both the wedding and the reception were held outside at an East Vail private residence, where the warmth of their dearest friends was enhanced by the golden glow of the sun shining through the yellow aspen leaves. While getting ready for the ceremony, Ruth broke tradition by visiting Daniela in her dressing chamber, fully dressed in her wedding dress to share a pre-wedding a toast and kiss with her bride to be, which sent the household in a giddy uproar. The ceremony was beautifully officiated by Tara van Dernoot of Vail Area Weddings. The ladies dressed in black and white, looked stunning, and before the day was over, there was plenty of cheer and tears of joy flowing from the guests and the brides. All food and decorations were put together by Ruth, Daniela and their friends. Ruth and Daniela are from Peru, and sadly, their families could not make the trip, but cleverly, the ceremony was transmitted to Peru via Skype, and the parents were photographed using cardboard avatars with friends standing in as proxies. The delicious and beautiful wedding cake was made by Fran Adelstein, and fittingly, it was adorned by happy hi-fiving bride figurines. Beyond the usual dancing and dining festivities, the brides set up a “photo booth” fully equipped with masks and accessories, of which the most popular was the black mustache. The mustache was a prevailing humorous theme throughout the reception. Wishing Ruth and Daniela eternal happiness and good fortune as they continue on their life's journey.  See the story of the whole wedding day unfold through the photos below or go for just a sampling at Olga Barron Photogarphy Inc.'s website and on Facebook. To contact Tara, please visit her website at

Fall mountain background
Woodsy steps with wedding decorations
Fall mountain view with blues sky
Decorations for wedding in fall, woods
Chairs for a wedding
Bride getting ready, sepia
Two bride's dresses hanging on a wooden fence
Bride getting ready, looking in mirror, black and white
Brides steeling a kiss while getting ready before the ceremony, sepia
Brides looking through a curtain at the guests, before the ceremony
Brides walking out towards ceremony
Brides walking on towards the ceremony in the woods
Guests standing up for the brides
Brides in black and white standing on the dais for the ceremony
Brides looking at each other with officiant talking in the background