As August comes to an end, we are starting to see some hints of fall arrive in Colorado’s High Country. 

For all of you not ready to say goodbye to the summer, don’t worry, I am only talking about the occasional fall colors popping up around Vail and the surrounding mountains. The daytime temperatures are still warm, but the cooler evenings are crisp and nostalgic, suggestive of the next season around the corner. This is one of the best times in Colorado. All of you who have made plans to come to Vail or Beaver Creek or any other gorgeous Rocky Mountain destination, this is the time to plan your outdoor activities. Of course while mountain biking, hiking and rafting are still on most families’ and couples’ agenda, think different and why not capture the stunning gold and red colors with your loved ones in a two hour photo session. It’s the kind of souvenir you won’t end up tossing in a drawer, but will love to show off, forever. What better way to relive one of your favorite trips many times to come. If your dog is along for the adventure, bring your pet with you. You’ll be glad you did. Your photoshoot can end up as a wall collection in your home or a calendar to send out to friends and family, or anything else you and your photographer can dream up. For all of you newly engaged couples, nothing beats the mountain backdrops of September for your save-the-date cards or announcements. Your local mountain photographer will strap on her hiking boots and backpack and follow you anywhere you wish with her camera equipment to capture your happy moments for you.

fall colors and wild flowers
log and wild flowers
standard poodle in the woods
fall colors and wild flowers
wild flower
malamute in the woods
log pile in the woods
Tortoiseshell cat on a log in the woods